Confirm state-national status. Recommended steps.

Ranked based on ease of completing (except step one):

  1. Un-brainwash thyself.
    1. This is the hardest and most important step. All their contracts are void for lack of disclosure, and one can rebut them all. But can thou do this from the heart and mind? Can thou say “I’m not a U.S. Citizen.”? Can thou say and know, “I’m not a resident.”?
    2. Thou must read everything in this genre over and over again to see the truth. Then everything else will be easier; not easy, but easier.
  2. Hang thy state flag outside thy home.
    1. The state flag will say state law is paramount on this land.
    2. I have a smaller state flag hanging vertically on this small post posted in the ground.
    3. Take down the horizontal stars & stripes.
  3. Send letter to thy home
    1. Write/type “John of the Smith family”
    2. Important
      1. don’t use zip
      2. spell out state
      3. spell out every single word; no abbreviations
      4. add “Without United States” below city and state
      5. go to post office and hand to clerk; don’t use blue boxes or wall-slot.
    3. Using a forever stamp is fine. No need to use what might be the lower drop-letter rate. It’s not about the postage. It’s about confirming thou lives without united states.
    4. Receiving the letter confirms the USPS, an agency and/or corporation of United States, recognizes thy location as being ‘without United States’.
    5. I’ve written more about this here.
  4. Un-register to vote. By registering, one claims to be a federal U.S. citizen, meaning someone in the territories such as Puerto Rico. Rescind or un-register.
  5. Send status declaration to Sec of State of U.S. Department of State.
    1. The status declaration could simply say, “I’m a state national of Illinois [add thy state]. I am not an officer of the United States government or any of its current or former municipal corporations. This statement supersedes any prior statements.”
    2. Must autograph using 18 USC 1746 (1)
    3. Maybe include copy of COLB (see next step).
    4. See other examples.
  6. Order thy Certificate of Live Birth certificate created at the hospital.
    1. This certificate notes that a baby was born. Must be the one from the hospital, that day, with details one would find related to a baby being born. Often called the long-form certificate or the worksheet.
    2. The deception is that they don’t give this one to the mom and dad, and instead tell them to order a birth certificate. But by placing the order, they are actually creating a U.S. person/franchise, and they will mistakenly use that ID-entity in all of the affairs of the baby.
    3. It can be hard to get the right certificate. I’ve received a long-form version of the person/franchise birth certificate, even said my mom and dad’s name, but really their persons. I finally received the certificate from the hospital.
    4. Learn more here order via Vital Chek.
  7. Start a business. Create a new (ID) entity. Register with the STATE OF ______; does not really matter. The purpose of this exercise is to see how one can create an entity that is separate from the man. That’s what they did when mom and dad requested/created the ‘Birth Certificate’. I ran a small business once and I think this helped me see the U.S. Person / Franchise scam.
  8. Correct the status for the (social) security number to non-resident alien and not U.S. Citizen. See explanation and search this interview I no longer agree with this step because the (social) security number is for the U.S. Person which is a U.S. Citizen Ship. Instead, one might create a new entity, maybe even within a central American nation-state, then apply for a security number for that entity and note that it is non-resident and alien to United States.
  9.  Order portpass/passport as a state national. This will be the first portpass/passport for the state national. All others were for the U.S. Person/Franchise, meaning for the ID-entity. No need to even send the other one back because it’s for the person. Why not have both!
    1. Don’t include a (social) security number.
    2. Don’t check off “U.S. Citizen” beside names of mom and dad.
    3. Don’t include zip code in any ‘addresses’. Strike the words “Permanent Address”
    4. Though this make complicate things, I would not include the driver’s license, because only resident (aliens) are eligible for DL.
  10. Get the MCO for thy car/truck (Manufacturer Certificate of Origin). Whomever holds the MCO, owns the car. Send back the plates/tags to DMV and un-register the car. If thou needed to ship a car overseas, Customs would request the MCO. Some dealers will provide it at purchase. This man send back the DL (video).
  11. Send back the driver’s license. We travel, we don’t drive ‘for hire’. This man send back the DL (video).
  12. Re-survey thy land based on metes and bounds and use the correct meridian. They changed the meridians at one point and thereby moved everyone into the water! See Richard MacDonald video.
  13. More steps will be added.


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