Guest Post: Dealing with state tax board, get new DL with no ‘us citizen’, get passport with no ‘us citizen’

Guest Post
RE: FTB [Franchise Tax Board]
  • it’s very important, if you stop filing 540 and FTB is getting 1099s or W2, they will send you a letter. You must send them a letter stating you corrected your citizenship with social security admin. From US citizen to other. You mother signed you up as a US cit and Calif resident in error. You are one of We the People of california.
  • I suggest you lose your DL and apply for a new DL asap and check no to US citizen. I do believe the FTB gains jurisdiction over you when you claim US citizenship on the DL. I changed mine and i don’t hear from FTB anymore. And dont file one with zero, that cost me 5 grand.
  • Get a passport say no to US citizen every chance you can on the application. NO NO NO.
  • Only after you change your SS5, line 5 for citizenship to other. See below. You must correct your status.


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6 comments on “Guest Post: Dealing with state tax board, get new DL with no ‘us citizen’, get passport with no ‘us citizen’

  1. I love your site and have shared with many. Been studying the like since the late 90’s. Cancelled my CA DL many years ago and have traveled in my unregistered car for many years. Stopped twice. I’ve got a couple good stories!

    To be honest I have a little issue with how to attain a DL for ANY reason since I believe it is the most popular nexus to the “system.” If we are not “driving” then why do we need one? Have tried to get a Passport with proper status but finally gave up because I had to travel overseas and could not wait any longer. The post office employee filled in “US citizen” for me. Planning on notifying the state dept. of the error. At least I’ll have that on record.

    Thank you for doing what you’re doing. Lead on!

    1. Just watched a Karl: Lentz video recently and he seems to say that one can have a driver’s license but that one is not always driving. Just like someone could have a taxi license and use his car as a taxi, but when he’s carrying his family to a restaurant, he’s not driving.

      I don’t know how Karl handled the DL question about whether he is a resident.

    2. For that passport/portpass thou received, did thou enter a (social) security number on the form? If so, then the portpass was issued to the person/ship/franchise. One can’t change that status with a letter to State, in my opinion. Thou could instead apply for the travel-papers/portpass as a man and state national. One portpass is for the person/ship, while the 2nd one is for the man.

  2. I can guarantee you that the “federal Agent” in breach of his oath, never tried that again.
    and faced disciplinary action along with suspension. Could anyone follow it up locally?
    I just Love this site. Thanks for all the videos and posts and comments everybody.

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