FBI search warrants apply to la-la land. A federal overlay of districts. But no one rebuts the location on the warrant.

FBI warrants oddly cite ‘districts’ rather than the 50 union states. They do this because they do not have jurisdiction over the states.

Take this warrant against Google, which is located with California, but they end the location with the Northern District of California.

Portion of search warrant - on servers operation by Google, Inc., headquartered at 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, California, located in the Northern District of California...

If federal LEOs had jurisdiction within California (1850), then the search warrant would just say California.

Sure, the Justice Department has districts, for their internal organization, but on a warrant that would be superfluous. But on this warrant, that district is essential, because as stated above, Justice Dept does not have jurisdiction within California (1850).

In a different warrant, the introduction (first section) says it occurred within the Eastern District of Virginia. In this sentence, no mention of Virginia (1776).

snippet of warrant: "These acts occurred within the Eastern District of Virginia." If presented with a warrant, I would take a map of the area and ask the officer of United States to point to land referenced by the warrant.

I might also ask the officer to stand on the land referenced by the warrant.

Of course, this would not be possible because my home is not part of any of their districts. It’s not even within their district. Their districts only cover territory over which United States, in congress assembled, has jurisdiction.



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