Don’t say California has two constitutions. California has a constitution. STATE OF CALIFORNIA has a constitution. Two different entities.

In this genre, people often think the deception replaced reality. In truth, the deception sits under reality. Take for example the claim that California has ‘two constitutions’ or that the 1879 constitution replaced the 1849 constitution.

The truth is that the 1849 constitution created the California. Whereas, the 1879 constitution was created by STATE OF CALIFORNIA, as their internal bylaws.

California is different from STATE OF CALIFORNIA. The constitution of STATE OF CALIFORNIA does not apply to California or it’s natives/nationals/citizens.

In Richard MacDonald’s video, he says foreigners cannot create a new constitution for a state, but they can create a new entity with its own constitution that can reference the state’s constitution.

Richard notes that the 1849 constitution describes the states border, while the 1879 constitution merely references the 1849 constitution. This is like FedEx referencing the charter for UPS.

Important: Richard also notes that STATE OF CALIFORNIA is always revising its constitution because it’s more of an internal bylaws document. California, the state, can only request amendments to its constitution which would be voted on by Californians, who are the natives/nationals that created the state.

See richard’s video here with transcript and time stamp, specifically the 20:03 mark.

All the STATE OF _____ are municipal corporations created after the Union conquered the southern states. In the ‘reconstruction’ period, they really created new entities. See the book/PDF Sins of the State

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