Change their forms! Most parts of the form are for persons/franchises. Strike and change field names such as “Permanent Address”.

United States assumes we are either U.S. Person franchises or are officers of the United States corporation or United States govt. All their forms assume the same. We either have to find the forms for non-resident aliens (such as the 1040 NR or W-8) or change their forms. For example, on the DS-11, one must strike the area header stating Permanent Address and change it to Domicile.

I used to fear changing their forms, now after my horrible experience at the portpass agency, I fear not changing their forms.

We absolutely must change their forms. Their officers, residents, and citizens are not allowed to change forms, but we can. We don’t report to them. They report to us, the people.

Even the perjury statement must be changed because it’s for within United States, whereas I am without United States. I have previously added ‘Without United States’ above my autograph, but henceforth will also change the perjury statement.

Note, the perjury statement for their officers, citizens, and residents says the plural ‘penalties of perjury” because if they lie on the form, they would be lying as an officer and as a man.

People have a domicile. Businesses and officers have an address or a permanent address.

Black’s law defines:

Address of Record” as: The permanent address of an individual or organization. Refer to registered office.

Address. Place where mail or other communications will reach person. Generally a place of business or residence.

I already know I don’t have a residence, which where some works temporarily, such as an ambassador or a singer performing for a few months on Las Vegas.

Quite simply, the word address implies business (likely commerce) and possibly performing the functions of a public office.

In the rule about the federal ban of most incandescent lightbulbs, we see that ‘address’ is where documents are stored (


The docket for this rulemaking, which includes Federal Register notices, public meeting attendee lists and transcripts, comments, and other supporting documents/materials, is available for review at All documents in the docket are listed in the index. However, not all documents listed in the index may be publicly available, such as information that is exempt from public disclosure.

The docket web page can be found at​docket/​EERE-2021-BT-STD-0005. The docket web page contains instructions on how to access all documents, including public comments, in the docket.

For further information on how to review the docket, contact the Appliance and Equipment Standards Program staff at (202) 287–1445 or by email: .

Everything on their forms and everything they do can be a trap. Be vigilant.

Read about my visit to the portpass agency. Still have not received the travel papers/portpass/portpass.


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