W-9 tax form proves ‘Individual’ means ‘Sole-proprietor’

The term individual (related to federal-source income) means sole proprietor. Or at least is in the same class. An individual is definitely not a man.  (continue reading below)

W-9 form. Box 1 says "Individual/Sole Proprietor or single-member LLC

The individual (company) they are referring to is the one created after a baby is born, and when mom and dad request the (short-form) birth certificate. This request creates an individual person/entity, and the certificate confirms the creation. It creates a person or sole-proprietor company with a name.

United States, meaning the federal government, cannot tax the people directly. Even after the 16th Amendment which simply expanded the tax to include dividends from federal corporation; basically from all federal sources.

Because United States cannot tax people directly, it duped people into requesting the creation of corporations with names like their own. Those corporations, otherwise called individuals or person, can be taxed directly, because the government created them!

So the key for men and women and companies is to not incorporate. Trade as a man or woman or as what is historically known as a trading company.

The corporation scam was used one everything and everyone.

  • First states were forced to create a corporation after the ‘civil war’
  • Then cities and counties were duped into becoming ‘incorporated’ cities and counties. Basically, each city requested a corporate identity and every county did as well.
  • The last piece of the scam, during the onerous and planned Great Depression, was to dupe people into creating a corporation for themselves. People no longer received the Certificate of Live Birth at the hospital, and instead were told to request a Birth Certificate, which actually was a request to create a corporate ID-entity.

If a man does trade with United States, meaning the federal government, he would use the 1040 NR (Non Resident Alien) form if he is a state native/national. If the man was a resident alien or a federal territorial citizen, then maybe he would use the standard 1040 (not sure, I’m not a resident or citizen of United States; I’m a native/national of one of the 50 states).

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2 comments on “W-9 tax form proves ‘Individual’ means ‘Sole-proprietor’

  1. With respect to using the 1040NR, can anyone who’s filed a 1040 re-file using 1040NR’s to correct their status?

    1. I would say one should always correct errors. If I sent the wrong form to any entity, I would quickly send the new form and explain this supersedes the other form submitted in error. I would separately correct the W2s, by sending correct information to SSA.

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