That they spend so much time on words, proves they have not conquered us

An invading army does not care about a man’s given name. The army does not need to see someone’s ID (individual entity). The army does not need a draft notice. The army takes what it wants.

But with United States (the federation admins or its municipal corporation), the people that run the show have put so much time and energy into changing the language, that this proves they don’t have the sword, they only have the pen.

It is true that the pen is mightier than the sword, but to a point. When people wise up, they realize their supposed captors have only drawn cells around them.

Their victims (me and everyone else) now see they don’t need swords to battle against this army. They only need their own pens.

So we need to rebut their malfeasance and shenanigans. We need to put it on the record that we are men and women, not legal persons.

We were not born to a maiden indigent mother who acted as an informant and abandoned us at a foundling hospital. No, let the record show, we were born to married mom and dad and we are not wards of the state. We will manage our own affairs.

To this day, the power that be are still changing the words, the lexicon, the everyday language. No longer are policy/police officers looking for suspects. Now they are seeking persons of interest. They are seeking persons, meaning artificial persons or individual entities, that’s why they want the ID-entity card. They want to know if they have an adhesion, one-sided, almost invisible contract with control over a person/franchise they created, upon request by thy mom or dad.

If they truly controlled us, the would refer to their army as soldiers, not policy officers. They wouldn’t use the French word for policy, which is police. They would not have taken the effort to have us stop referring to law-enforcement officers as peace officers. A conquering army could care less.

But we have not been conquered. We have been fooled. We have been put under a spell-ing.

Pick up thy pen and get to work.

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