Spanish airline portal asks: “Natural Person or Legal Person”

When I went to cancel the flight with Avianca airlines, the refund request form asked what type of person was requesting a refund: a Natural Person or a Legal Person. This helps prove the two types of persons.

When they say and hear ‘person’, they presume Legal Person.

When we say and hear ‘person’, we think ‘natural person’.

So we blindly acquiesce not knowing they operate under a different premise.

form asks if I am a Natural Person or Legal Person


Sometimes their secrets are revealed when non-English speakers write English messages. I don’t think a native english speaker would ask this question.

It’s even possible that in this airline’s base nation-state, everyone knows the difference between a natural person and legal person. Maybe that nation-state does not need to orchestrate the legal person scam as a means to tax and control the people. Whereas, United States (in congress assembled) has little control over the people so it created a corporation called United States, then duped everyone into requesting and using artificial legal U.S. persons that must follow codes and statutes.


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