Portpass delayed or denied! Pressured by State Dept Kasahun: Mulat to provide ’employer’ and ‘zip code’ – Part 1 of State Dept Portpass experience

U.S. State Department has thus far denied my request for a travel papers as a state citizen!

Much of it do to the pressure and lies from Kasahun: Mulat [Kasahun Mulat], employed for at least six years at State Department.

Kasahun pressured me into adding (1) occupation (2) ’employer’ (3) a federal zip code.

Fortunately, I square-bracketed zip code and rescinded adding the ’employer’. They will try to use US Code definition of employer, which in essence means Federal Government as the employer, whereas I work for a private-sector employer.

I orally asked if all three are required for state citizens, and Kasahun said yes. Fortunately it’s all on video since all occurred at a clerk window of Washington Passport Agency.

Thinking back now, I should have resisted his pressure and just said the application stands as is, and should have not added anything, as David: Wright emphasizes in this rumble video. I thought visiting live would help, but now I realize that real-time interaction can lead to succumbing to their pressure.

Nonetheless, everything added was after the oath. I have since written letters to directors at State Dept rescinding the extra details and complaining of these attempts to move me into federal jurisdiction and out of state jurisdiction.

Since I still have not received the travel papers (aka portpass/passport), Kasahun and the rest of the U.S. State Department has blocked my unalienable right to travel.Kasahun: Mulat earns $117k at U.S. State Department as of 2022. Working in Passport and Visa examining.

I expect they will try to check for tax evasion even though I told them in writing I do not hold the office of citizen or resident of United States (the government). I also gave him and his woman counterpart or assistant a copy of the federal style guide listing the nationalities of the 50 united nation-states of the USofA union.

Stand firm and follow David’s directions, which are similar to STFU (shut the f up):

Read more about my troubling experience at Washington Passport Agency:

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2 comments on “Portpass delayed or denied! Pressured by State Dept Kasahun: Mulat to provide ’employer’ and ‘zip code’ – Part 1 of State Dept Portpass experience

  1. Hello, I really enjoy ye website. I am from the old school Redemption manual days (4.5), not sure of ye familiarity with secured party creditor or acceptance for value. I have learned so much that I wish I knew in 2010 when working toward the discharge of debts with A4V. After reading your website, I see now that my process for establishing sovereignty was incomplete, because I had only concentrated on obtaining sovereignty in the land, but not of my mind or of my body. There were many pieces missing at that time that I was studying, so my discharge of debt bounced back. I called the persons behind the social security number to ask them in fact what the process was and was asked not to call that number I found again by an assistant, a female. I have fearlessly put my body at risk in the right to travel, getting jailed in 2011 along with others in Michigan State and around the country, we were brave enough to test this with our bodies, something I have done many times since – testing processes with my life as I trust God. I understand that number and the account I called about much better since being led to your website in spirit. Ye make the difference bold and clear in your work, thank you for putting this together.

    I am now brushing back up on my prior knowledge of secured party creditor, because I have discovered some new details that should be added to mine foundation as sovereign state citizens. I also notice you have subject/object challenges in language – Ye is subject, how you refer to equals, where as you is an object, and how you refer to those who are not natural people and persons, but we don’t have to use Old English to achieve this. Perhaps ye have some missing pieces I may be able to assist in filling based upon my knowledge of world languages, I am degreed as a master in English as a Second Language and teach English to students who are foreign to the land, resident aliens on this sojourn. I believe your paperwork has some foundational steps that will assist in bringing the trinity of being Sovereign in your mind, Sovereign in your body, and Sovereign on the land to the fore. I would love to be in conversation about this, I believe I can assist.


      1. Well, ‘ye’ is easier to say than ‘thou’, so if ‘ye’ does the same, I’m all for it.
      2. As for ‘you’ referring to objects, that is good to know. Yet another reason to not use the word
      3. ‘You’ may not even be good as a plural reference since ‘you’ could be heard as ‘ewe’ meaning sheep. I seriously think they are laughing at us non-French speakers
      4. Thy knowledge of world languages will definitely help. Please comment on posts that could be improved.
      5. Yes, freeing the mind is most important. The rest will be easier. As I have said, I cannot say I’m a U.S. Citizen because i know what that means and doesn’t mean and I cannot commit perjury. There’s a freedom here. I’m not nervous about saying this because I know it is true. And they can’t pressure me to say otherwise, no more than they can pressure me to say the sky is not blue. I’ve broken free of many of their mind games and brainwashing. It’s all devious only because they are devious.

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