Passport agency asks frivolous question about security number

The ‘Washington Passport Agency‘ within United States (meaning DC) asked frivolous question about a security number after I told them I was applying as a man, meaning a natural person.

We all know that natural persons are not business entities and do not have security numbers (whether called ‘social’ or not).

Whereas an legal artificial person often does have a security number.

Once they knew I was applying as a man, it was frivolous to ask about a security number.

Brings special joy to me to call their actions frivolous as we know their internal collections agency, Internal Re-venue Service, loves to call things frivolous. IRS is usually right. And in this case with the people at Washington Passport Agency, I am right to call their actions frivolous.

A frivolous point or question is when it conflicts with the premise or context. It would be frivolous to ask about altitude when traveling within an automobile. It would be frivolous to ask if a piece of paper tastes good. It is frivolous to ask a (free) man if he has a security number.

Read more about my troubling experience at Washington Passport Agency:


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One comment on “Passport agency asks frivolous question about security number

  1. One can’t be a natural person either – since adjective does NOT change the root meaning of the word. That is an attorney trick.

    Red apple, green apple, it is still an apple.

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