NY Times article refers to man as “Chinese national’. Author does not use citizen or ship-citizen

I’m a national of one of the 50 united states. I feel more comfortable saying ‘national’ every time I read an article that describes people from other nation-states as nationals.

Yu, a 23-year-old student at New York University, has also become — quite unintentionally — a case study in how Chinese nationals can move money from China to the United States without drawing the attention of authorities in either country.


In one of the lawsuits involving Yu — who is a Chinese national and U.S. resident — Texas-based Crypton Mining Solutions alleges that investors in the Channing mine “are not only Chinese citizens, but citizens in highly political and influential business positions.”


Jessica Jung, a spokesperson for Binance, said that crypto wallets from three Binance accounts sent the tether payments and that all of them belonged to foreign nationals who were not U.S. residents. “Binance.com does not have or serve any U.S. customers,” she wrote in an email, adding that the site deploys “rigorous” procedures to verify customers’ identities.

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