I was assaulted. Policy/police officers would not help because I would not provide ‘last name’. Shows they only deal with artificial legal persons, not men and women.

A few months back I was assaulted on a city bus. A man was upset I opened a window and came at me. He didn’t connect, so no ‘battery’, but it was assault. I called the peace force, but of course the policy force answers. They sent two policy/police officers. I explained the assault and showed a video. When i declined to provide a last name, suddenly they said I was not cooperating.

One officer excused himself to call a superior. While waiting about 10 minutes, I finally said to the other officers that I had to go and might take this up later.

The entire experience shows that the policy/police force only deals with artificial legal personas since every local policy/police force is a municipal corporation, and corporations/persons can only deal with other corporations/persons.

I may take this up again and demand they act a peace officers and take my given name and my home location. I’m the injured man so I don’t see why common law would need much more from me. It’s only when someone is about to be hanged, do the officers need to ensure they have the right man.

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