How to deal with ‘traffic’ citations for ‘drivers’ in a ‘motor vehicle’

Guest Post from Richard McDonald’s archives:

Whatever the charges are know the answers before asking the questions, this way you can get them disqualified.
Questions :
How long were you in the academy?
Were you trained in the proper application of the law?
As a officer enforcing the vehicle code, are you not required to know and understand the meanings and proper application of such law?
Officer do you have personal knowledge of the meaning of the term (use the word here) as it is defined in the law you were taught to enforce?
OBJECTION (by the prosecution)
Your Honor I am attempting to lay a foundation to establish that the officer has been improperly trained, is biased, is involved in a civil conspiracy to deprive me of my property and lacks personal knowledge, and therefore is an incompetent witness as it relates to the issue before the court.
In the academy how may hours were you trained in the proper application of the vehicle code, and were you taught that it applied to everyone without exception?
Were you taught that the Vehicle Code is a special law with general applicability and not a general law applying to everyone?
Do you have personal knowledge of the meanings of the term DRIVE, RESIDENT, OPERATOR, DRIVER, MOTOR VEHICLE, VEHICLEas those terms are defined and used in the statute that created the vehicle code? NO?
NO? – then you are stating that you do not know the legal meanings of the laws that you are enforcing
Were you taught that the vehicle code applies to all commercial activities?
[If no] does the vehicle code apply to commercial vehicles?
[If yes] was I involved in any commercial activity at the time you stopped me.
Any time an objection is raised, you should take exception and explain to the judge that the foundation that you are laying is important to your defense.
After all the questions are asked that you feel is necessary or you have laid the proper foundation then!!!!
Your Honor, I move the court to strike all testimony by this officer, as he has stated on record that he does not understand the laws that he is enforcing, and as such is biased, and is incompetent to be a witness.

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