Hiring ‘BAR card fraudsters’ gives court jurisdiction over people. Video 📺of Bonnie:Straight

Video by Bonnie: Straight explains:

  1. the act of hiring a BAR card fraudster gives court jurisdiction over thee. Don’t hire a B.A.R. card fraudster
  2. CPS is a corporate entity. Corporations need a contract in order to enforce their contract law upon thee
  3. Clearfield supreme court case says that if governments act like or through corporations, then they lose government status and must follow the sames rules applied to corporations
  4. Reject contracts from CPS (Child Protection Services) and reject contracts from the court
  5. Any entity with the word ‘service’ in the name is likely a commercial enterprise, such as Child Protective Services. They don’t hide the truth.

💡A common tactic of theirs is to tell people to register or do something (in this case hire a BAR card member), and it is that action which then places people under their jurisdiction. 💡 See also Gun stores mistakenly get a license, making them liable for the associated policies

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  • “Makes you think twice about “If you can not afford an attorney, one will be appointed to you.”
  • @LastChairbender I’m so rusty with all this. All I remember is that somehow the U.S. constitution implies that Common Law is the supreme law and cannot be surpassed, all civil laws actually are just made up rules that people unknowingly volunteer to subject themselves to. Some judges know this.
  • @FrancisM911 – So many will rattle off what they read and someone wrote it somewhere. She maybe in jail, but thats because their trying to shut her up. Case in point government vehicle are being driven in the streets with no License plates. 100% facts go do your research.
  • @Menz357 Bonnie Straight, and her husband David, advocate people become American State Nationals by repudiating your citizenship to the corporate US de facto government. Citizens have privileges, NO constitutional rights. Everyone should be doing this to get our proper government back
  • @jameshollinwor3 Exactly she’s stating the correct law I don’t know her but I know Dave is straight no good but you don’t wanna become soverign . but what she’s saying is 100% correct by the law and that’s what they have to have a contract with you. and they go by blacks law . you are and natural citizen and follow the constitution . you don’t wanna be in a contract with them anymore and you can opt out of the contract at anytime they want you to go to court to pay a traffic ticket to show your drivers license.   but yes they have to have a contract you with the CPS that’s what we need to learn you don’t wanna follow any of these people you just wanna learn how the words and how they use their own blacks law for dealing with a corpse (us) against them they work for a corporation

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