👨‍🦳Guest Post: We’re assumed to be operators of fleet of motor vehicles

I found this comment on a substack article about David: Straight and how they stopped him for traveling.

I like this comment because it focuses on the words municipal corporations use to snare people into the municipal corporate ‘legal’ jurisdiction.


To the best of my understanding, the Texas Transportation Code regulates corporate commercial activity known as Transportation.

It starts with issuing to Carriers a commercial license called an Operator License (aka, driver license).

During the early 1960s, after four different Texas Criminal appellate courts decided the “drivers license” was foreign to the law (not there), the state legislature passed the Code Construction Act which allowed for words in laws to be changed without an amendment; although the original word would be applied for legal reasons.

One of the first changes was to change the term “Operators License” to “Drivers License.”

The state set up a system to allow individual natural people to obtain this commercial license, which would then place them within the scope of the Code and within the enforcement scope.

Once under the scope of the law, People are treated as Operators of a fleet of Motor Vehicle(s), and are required to comply with registration and license plate requirements.

So one question I have relates to whether Mr. Straight had a state-issued Operators License at the time they impounded his automobile and arrested him.

If the answer is no, and he abandoned the license after expiration date, then he was not within the scope of the code and thus not within the sheriff’s enforcement scope.

Thus the Sheriff Deputy who arrested him, and the magistrate who imprisoned him may be charged and prosecuted for violations under Texas Penal Code Chapter 39 Official Oppression and Abuse of Official Capacity.

People may individually or collectively file criminal complaints with the local DA, Texas Rangers, or ask the Governor to appoint a Texas Rangers task force to investigate and file criminal charges accordingly.

The local Grand Jury may also receive information about the related public officials and indict.

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