👨‍🦳Guest post: I have removed myself from the title of U.S. Citizen

I have removed myself from the title of US Citizen.

  • I am an American National with no licenses of any kind.
  • I have removed myself from the voter registration and from a resident (government official).
  • My property is now private and is a Private Membership Association, free from government intervention.
  • I have notified the district court, with a fee schedule to be used in any orders are given to me by the establishment. The affidavit was sent to the Court Clerk by certified mail (return receipt received), in 2019 and no rebuttal has ever been sent.
  • I have had no problems since, not to say that I may in the future, but I do not try to antagonize them either. I leave them alone as long as they leave me alone.
  • I do know that a person or an individual, in their world, is under their jurisdiction, that is why I am a live, flesh and blood man.
  • Thank you [Educated in Law] for all you do to get the word out, I have been fending off the criminals since 1985 and have succeeded so far, thanks to God.
  • Please keep up the good work. I am familiar with most of this, but you [Educated in Law] make a lot of very clear.

Follow-up Post:

The first thing to do to remove yourself from US Citizen, is to:

  1. remove your name from the voter registration,
  2. get rid of all government licenses, and
  3. stop following the statutes and codes.

I use common sense and the Bible for references.

Go to the following web site and watch these videos to learn how to be an American National. the site is https://thet-rohshow.com .

This takes a process and is not very difficult, You only have to be brave enough to do it, in other words, just say no to the establishment. Just do not give up and go slow so as to do it right and don’t get in a hurry and get yourself in trouble.

You have more power than you think, most of what the government, both local and federal, use fraud to control everyone. Be firm and do not be afraid. you can do it if you want to.

God bless and Merry Christmas

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  7. If this site ever goes down, the archive is on the wayback machine.

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