FBI arrests Babylon Bee actor, but first asked for a name. Proves they need the name. They need man to admit to being agent to the name/person/entity.

If the FBI is at an airfield to take someone into their control, they know who they want. They don’t need to ask for a name. But they do.

And they did just before ‘arresting’ [the agent/mister] for the ship/person named ‘Siaka Massaquoi’.

They spoke to the man called Siaka of the Massaquoi family. They asked, “Are you Siaka Massaquoi?” Unfortunately, he could have said ‘no’. Should he be pressed on this point, he could say me lives my life as a man and trades with other men [man is short for mankind and means both men and women]. Let FBI claim the man was flying as a sole-proprietor/individual person.

FBI could still take control of him but would need to do it in the common law. If the man did trespass, then that violates common law. I’m just emphasizing that answering to the legal name/person (FIRST LAST) places one into merchant law, with fewer rights.

See Rumble video clip here:

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