AMA: Two-cent postage?

Question: What I do is put the return adress the same as the destination and put a 2 or 4 cent stamp on it?


  • The two-cent postage approach likely only works for drop letters, which are letters dropped at the post office for delivery by that post office. But I have yet to confirm this, and I’m sure the USPS does not want to admit it.
  • Note, the letter would not go to a different post office and thou must drop off the letter at the post office, possibly at the counter! Why does me say this? Because even at the post office, sometimes they embed part of their blue box into the wall! It’s rather absurd and therefore there must be a reason. Could they be trying to ensure no one uses the drop letter approach?
  • We’re not using ‘addresses‘ as the verb ‘address’ implies work and they love to move things into commerce (even though none is on water). So no need to put the return location on the upper left.
  • Don’t use zip codes. Spell out every word. no abbreviations. Use “John of the Smith Family” to ensure not treated as artificial person. We are natural persons; flesh lives and the blood flows. More rules here.

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