Stock purchases confirm publicly-traded companies have security number. So does every person/franchise.

As shown in the stock purchase confirmation below, each company has a security number. Notice how it is nine-digits. Then note that the ‘social’ security number is also nine digits. That number is issued to a person, not a people (singular).

email receipt confirming stock purchases, with each company listed along with their security number

It has been said that each person (franchise) has shares which are traded.

When man or woman is asked for a ‘social’ security number, they are really be asked for the security number for their person. They are being brought into a commercial transaction, via their person/franchise, and consequently must abide by all the U.S., state, and local statutes that apply to persons, not people.

A ‘social’ security card specifically says it is a number for the person. And persons means personas or franchises. Basically, a person is a company. A people (singular) is a man or woman.

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