Floridian kidnapped because did not rebut driving ruse

I comment below on all aspects of the stop and abduction of floridian man traveling in his truck. See video at end of post.

Screenshot of video of man stopped by Volusia policy officers

  1. Man shows sign with upside down federal flag which may mean ‘sign of distress’.
    1. If that’s the case, then man is calling for people to stop and help him.
    2. Simply showing the union flag implies he is not traveling under the laws of Florida but instead traveling under the laws of the federation territory.
    3. He should simply fly the original flag of Florida or no flag.
  2. Officer says “I did not recognize the tag on the vehicle.”
    1. First, it’s not a vehicle since some or all (merchant) statutes define vehicle as a means to trans-port, meaning carry passengers or property between ports. They are trying to move him to the sea jurisdiction where United States, in congress assembled, has jurisdiction.
    2. Second, no tag needed if truck not registered. No tag needed if man has the MCO (Manufacturer Certificate of Origin) for the truck, making him the full owner.
  3. Officer ask for license and registration. Man fails to rebut the claim that he needs a license and that his truck must be registered with COUNTY OF VOLUSIA.
    1. One must rebut their premise which is that they are assuming he is either a resident alien (meaning not a Floridian) or he is a resident, meaning he works for the COUNTY.
    2. One must rebut their 2nd premise which is that their DMV has the truck MCO (Manufacturer Certificate of Origin) making their DMV the property owner. The property owner can set the terms for using that truck.
    3. Also, when registering a truck, then it becomes a ‘motor vehicle’. Before that, it’s just a truck.
  4. Officer says ‘do you have a driver’s license.’ He says ‘right there’.
    1. If he’s not working, he’s not ‘driving’ (for hire), as in a truck driver or taxi driver. Simply using a truck to get from point A to point B is not ‘driving’.
    2. If he is working (for himself), he failed the rebut the notion that a Floridian needs a license to move goods on the roads.
  5. The man has called a woman who is directing him by phone. He clearly does not comprehend what is going on and really should not be trying to travel on the land when 99.9% of the people mistakenly believe and act like they are either resident aliens (meaning not state nationals) or they are residents, which is a role in the COUNTY government, like a resident of a hospital.
  6. Officer says the man is “refusing to identify himself in this traffic stop.”
    1. A man is not a (business) entity. Therefore, he cannot id-entify himself; meaning he cannot provide the name of an entity. The officer’s question is frivolous.
    2. The man is not ‘trafficking’ goods, therefore it’s not a traffic stop. The man is being detained based on false assumptions.
    3. The man is not ‘refusing’ an order. He is under no obligation to answer the policy officer. Though the man has made countless errors that support the erroneous assumption he is a resident alien or resident agent and the assumption that DMV and the COUNTY has the MCO and therefore title to the truck.
  7. Woman says he ‘identifies as a national’ of [inaudible] state.
    1. This might be a big mistake because that status may not have the unalienable rights of a Floridian.
    2. Woman also mistakenly uses the verb “identify” which relates to id-entity. Entity means business! The ID portion may be short for ‘identification’ making ID-entity redundant.
  8. Officer claims man is “operating a motor vehicle in the STATE OF FLORIDA”.
    1. “Motor vehicle’ is often defined as a vehicle. And a vehicle, as stated, is a device for trans-port, meaning traveling between waterside ports. This truck is not a motor vehicle.
    2. Operating likely means working or driving, both likely for hire. He needs to state he is not for hire.
    3. STATE OF FLORIDA is not Florida. STATE OF FLORIDA is either the federation’s land within Florida or the municipal corporation created by UNITED STATES. The truth is that the man is using a truck to travel on Florida.
  9. Neither the policy officer nor the man know what is honestly happening.
  10. Officer asks, “What’s your last name?”
    1. Man should have said, “Me is man. Me does not have a last part of name. Me has a given name and family name. Until thou has proof me disturbed the peace, thou is not getting my given name nor my family name.”
  11. Officer asks, “What’s your date of birth?”
    1. Men are born, not birthed. Ships are berthed/birthed. The officer is asking for the start date of this man’s entity/person/ship.
    2. This man should have said “I’m a man traveling. I was born, not birthed.”
  12. Woman brings up Genena Convention.
    1. Likely not needed. But I have not studied the Geneva Convention. This is more about the unalienable rights of Floridians to travel on the land.
  13. Officer says, “Sir, this is kind of where we’re at.”
    1. Man fails to rebut the ‘sir’ reference. ‘Sir’ implies he’s an officer in the navy or another military force. The officer has moved him into the jurisdiction of the military. The man needed to say, “Me not in the military. No need to call me Sir.”
  14. Officer admits the car is un-registered.
    1. Right there officer implies he lacks jurisdiction.
    2. But they are both still operating under the assumption that the man is a resident alien (foreigner) or a resident agent (employee of STATE OF FLORIDA). Both statutes require a driver’s license and may even require that resident agents only use registered cars. I expect resident aliens don’t need to register their trucks but do need to have a license/permission to use the roads.
  15. Another officer says the man has a ‘middle name’.
    1. Only entities/persons have a first, middle and last part of a name. First name of BURGER KING is “Burger”. 
  16. Woman accurately says man is a ‘not a corporation entity‘. I wish the man had kept saying that, from the beginning!
  17. Woman also says man is a living soul. That could be heard as ‘sole’ of foot and I don’t think it’s wise or needed to say this. I would just say, “The flesh lives and the blood flows.”
  18. At this point it’s clear the policy officers are going to abduct this man. He needs to start saying that he’s peaceful but does not authorize them taking him in or taking his fingerprints, etc. See videos by anti-terrorist-
  19. Woman moves her truck almost into a policy officer thereby endangering them. She is definitely disturbing the peace and likely committed battery.
  20. The COUNTY OF VOLUSIA incorrectly describes the event.
    1. Video title says it’s a ‘traffic stop’. As noted above, the man is not trafficking goods. Traffic relates to business and likely even commerce (on the sea).
    2. Video title says man is a ‘sovereign citizen’. I’m not sure what that means. Man is likely a state national and specifically a Floridian. Floridians are of course sovereign because they do not have a king. Duh.

He could have just said “I’m a Floridian traveling in a truck on the land, for which I have title and MCO, and I’m not driving for hire. Did thou witness me disturb the peace? Am I being detained? Am i free to go?”

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