AMA – How do I deal with a traffic citation?

Question: I erroneously appeared in court and pleaded not guilty. At the the time I had no knowledge about waiving ones rights or jurisdiction. I thankfully do now. I was given a continuance, missed that court date and not to long after I received a “Notice of failure to comply with terms of citation”, and that I have 30 days to pay the fines or schedule a court date. What would your approach be to this situation?


It’s a word game with severe consequences:
  • it wasn’t ‘traffic’ if thou was not engaged in trafficking goods
  • it wasn’t ‘driving’ if thou was not for hire and moving passengers
  • it wasn’t a ‘motor vehicle’ if thou was not carrying goods or passengers.
  • If they are suing the name, FIRST LAST, then that is not thee! The name is a person which is a business entity. That’s why they ask for the ID-entity [identity].
  • Thou is not a resident (alient) or resident (agent). Thou is not even eligible for a driver’s license, unless engaged in what they call commerce.
  • Thou must rebut all of their claims, in writing, and autographed under penalty of perjury using option one of 28 USC 1746.
  • Thou must make a ‘special appearance’ at their court so as to not waive thy rights
This is a lot to learn in a short amount of time:
To walk back thy ‘appearance’ at and acceptance of their court, review these points:
No shame in paying their ticket, but learning and knowing these concepts to use at a later time.
Thou needs to get the MCO for thy car so thou becomes the rightful owner. Then thou can use the car on their roads for traveling. One can get the MCO simply by saying one needs to take it to France or another (nation state). Border/customs requires the MCO. Search my site for MCO.
They cannot deny people their unalienable right to travel.

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