1930s Western film references the ‘union’ and Missourians

1930s Western film, The Big Trail, makes two references to the true political structure of The UofSA:

  1. I’m only leader of the Missourians.” Those are the people of Missouri; the native-born; the nationals. He doesn’t say he’s the leader of U.S. Citizens. The federal/federation style guide explains how to reference the people/natives of all 50 (nation) states: Go Mainers! How to refer to the natives of the States
  2. Families from every state in the union“: He doesn’t call The USofA a nation. He doesn’t call it a country. Because the USofA is a union of (now) 50 nation states. USofA is a federation, an alliance. Whereas, “United States, in congress assembled” manages the union responsibilities and the territories. Read more

Watching the older films, especially Westerns, help explain the difference between the (nation) states, the territories, and the wide open ‘country’ (land) stretching to the Pacific Ocean.

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