USPS has a monopoly on U.S. Mails (meaning federal activity), but not sending letters within and without the states.

It’s a subtle misleading claim to say United States Postal Service has a monopoly on sending U.S. mail. Yes, they have a monopoly on federal business mail, because United States created the corporation and gave them a monopoly. But USPS does not have a monopoly on non-U.S. mail.

Mail means routes and U.S. means the federal government. U.S. mail does not mean all letter carrying within and without (outside) the 50 united states.

The federation officials want to pretend that everything is related to the federation and the territories it manages. But that is not the case. The 50 united states operate separate from United States federation activities.

Messages from United States, in Congress Assembled, sound very intimidating and they are if one works for the federal government or lives in one of the territories. But for the vast majority of people who lives without United States, they can send letters via any carrier. It’s beyond late that businesses have not entered this business.

It’s said that the ‘mail boxes’ can only be used for U.S. mail. Well, that makes sense if one refers to them as “mail boxes’ and does not clarify that the boxes are for all types of mail, U.S. mail and non-U.S. mail. Again, it’s the wording that gets people into trouble. People mistakenly call themselves federal U.S. citizens and then must follow all the territory statutes and the ‘public orders’. Similarly, calling a box that can receive letters as a ‘mail box’ leaves one vulnerable to the assumption that the box is only for U.S. mail.

If USPS owns the mailbox, then it’s just for U.S. mail, meaning mail of the federal government or related to.

If a people (singular) has a box that can accept letters, then it’s a ‘letter box’ not a ‘mail box’. Maybe I should make stickers stating “Letter Box”.


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