Policé man says, “Are you refusing to give your first and last name?” The premise is a trap.

Policé man says, “Are you refusing to give your first and last name?”. The premise is a trap.

  • I’m not ‘you’.
  • Since I’m not ‘you’, I’m a man and not a person.
  • Since I’m not a person, I don’t have to obey orders.
  • Since I don’t have to obey orders, then I’m not refusing orders.
  • Since we don’t have a contract I’m not obligated to provide a first or last name and the contract would need to be related to a person, whereas i am man; the flesh lives and the blood flows.
  • The answer is, “I’m declining the offer.”

Just outrageous that a phone call to report a land trespass (not on my land) turned into a ploy to turn me into a subject of the officer!

But I was not quick enough in the moment and answered ‘yes’ (meaning I’m refusing an order). That is insubordination! Into a cell, private.

No I was not sent into a cell. The call proceeded and I reported my concern.

I think the policé officer was doing what he always does when he speaks to anyone.

In this case, it could not hurt me since I was not accused of breaking one of their statutes.

Next time, I will hold my own better.

But there is just a wish in me not to stir up trouble, so I aquiesce. This is not good. Next time, my answer is “I decline the offer.”


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