New Mexico bans their public from open-carry

It’s in the news that STATE OF NEW MEXICO governor banned open-carry of firearms in large counties with gun violence (source) above a certain threshold. Looking more closely, we see the ‘order’ is directed to the public, meaning government employees. Public means government.

Right at the top it says ‘PUBLIC HEALTH ORDER’. We see STATE OF NEW MEXICO government is telling their employees the rules of employment and specifically they cannot open carry while on the clock, while working. 

STATE OF NEW MEXICO is not speaking to private citizens otherwise the first word of the order would not have been ‘PUBLIC‘.

The gun-owner rights groups are up-in-arms about the order but they fail to see the order does not relate to them!

Additionally, the order is directed to ‘persons’, which are business entities or franchises created by and controlled by STATE OF NEW MEXICO. If people asked STATE OF NEW MEXICO for permission to do business, then STATE OF NEW MEXICO is not going to turn them down and created a new person that can be used by the people who requested it but ultimately must obey the orders and statutes that apply to STATE OF NEW MEXICO persons.

When push comes to shove, one would likely need to rebut that one is working through a NEW MEXICO person/franchise and is a man on the land engaged in trade, not commerce.

The PUBLIC ORDER also refers to residents which either means resident alien or resident office (a role in NEW MEXICO administration). Resident does not mean inhabitant. Resident is either an alien or an employee of STATE OF NEW MEXICO.


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