AMA: Capitalization of the municipal corporation, United States

Question: I was a little confused on your description of the UNITED STATES vs. United States. You claimed that the UNITED STATES is the federal corporation but where it shows it as a federal corporation it is shown as “U”nited “S”tates ; United States.

My Answer: 

  1. Capitalization of letters is important but not the key issue.
  2. The municipal corporation ‘United States’, can, I believe, be typed in all caps or sentence case.
  3. Walmart is still Walmart whether written as WALMART or Walmart.
  4. One must determine which United States is in play in each context, irrespective of the capitalization.
  5. In court cases against the nationals of the states, I think it’s usually the corporate United States that is suing their own US Person/Franchise.
    1. The man or national mistakenly shows up and agrees to represent the franchise and
    2. when the franchise is found guilty (meaning must pay), the man does not know what is going on, does not pay, and
    3. then his body is held as collateral in a (battery) cell until the debt is paid.


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