AMA: (1) Organic laws (2) What does thou know about ‘exclusive equity’? (3) Tarzan did not have a name.


  1. how much do you know about exclusive equity and the system the “men” who created in the first organic law, like to see you teach more about those principles
  2. tarzan did not have a name in the jungle ie. nature; learn who you are within the principles the four organic laws were created from.


  1. The only thing I know about ‘organic’ laws is related to the founding documents. NoThanksIRS pointed out that Declaration of Independence is still law, as is the Articles of Confederation. I think the Constitution for the USA had less impact than people think; it may just be a terms and conditions for the federal government, while the AoC is more about the alliance.
  2. There may be a conspiracy to hide the importance of the Northwest Ordinance because it clearly shows how the federation management did not have jurisdiction over the states, and the Northwest Ordinance gave it jurisdiction over territory for the first time. Here’s a book I just found about them.
  3. I actually don’t think the federation claims to have jurisdiction over the states. The federation claims to have jurisdiction over their corporate states and their ‘states’ which refer to the federation land within the states. Again, the federation management conduct themselves within the law. People just have been misled to believe that State of Ohio and STATE OF OHIO are Ohio (the state). And they have been misled into responding to JOHN HENRY SMITH, a person/franchise of STATE OF OHIO (inc). See my slide presentation.
  4. I have heard of ‘equity‘ in terms of law and the context being ‘at law’ and maybe ‘at equity’, meaning two different judging systems. I think some businesses prefer ‘equity’ since faster and clearer. I expect businesses when creating a contract can specify, voluntarily, the laws that apply to the contract. Just like businesses may say any disputes must go to arbitration; no jury there.
  5. Yes, Tarzan likely did not have a name. I’m on the verge of never saying I have a name, since I’m not a boat or ranch. I am ‘called’ something. I can tell thee what I’m called or say ‘people call me ____’.

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