Trust for abandoned baby. I’ve come to claim it.

As I have noted, hospitals offer hospitality or refuge to indigent moms and are really founding hospitals, where indigent moms can give away their baby. The live birth certificate makes this point (see here and here). Now, if any baby is abandoned and is a state national, I would expect a trust would be created that holds any assets due to this baby.

I think some nation-states share the proceeds of natural resource earnings and I expect every state has some sort of earnings. Those earnings, should they not be used for state services, could be distributed out to the natives/nationals of the nation-state.

As part of my declaration that I have reached the age of majority and can manage my affairs, I shall also claim any trust created when the state considered me abandoned.

I’m not saying there definitely is a trust and I don’t know if the trust would have any assets.

Separate from this, I also believe there person/LLC birthed, after I was born, is a corporation, not a trust. That corporation could still have assets, if the person/LLC issued bonds at inception. But that is a separate matter from the trust I suggest above.

Please comment below. Writing helps clarify and generate ideas. That’s part of the reason I wrote the content above. Let’s discuss in the comments section and move forward together.

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