Business entity pleads guilty to manslaughter, pays fine, does not go to jail. What can we learn?

While reading about the Maui fires likely caused by sparks from downed power lines, I also read about the “Camp Fires” sparked by power lines in Northern California. In the 2nd case, the business entity pled guilty to 84 felony counts of involuntary manslaughter. This shows a business entity can plead guilty and that by paying the fine, the people representing that utility were not sent to prison.

For those people caught up in court cases, they need to figure out how to pay. Maybe they just need to ask for the amount of the fine and then ask how to pay.

A ‘person’ is a business entity. Most court cases are against JOHN SMITH, a business entity. This is not John of the Smith family, which is a man.

With the Camp Fires, the actual oral pleading was done by the PG&E chief executive officer Bill Johnson who said repeatedly, “Guilty, your honor” to the charges. A living man said guilty but was not sent to prison. Why? Because in this case, the courts showed the company how to pay the fine.

In most court cases, the guilty party is not told how to pay the fine. So instead, the courts hold his body as collateral as they bill some trust somewhere, likely the (social) security account trust.

Now, I’m not trying to help people who commit manslaughter or murder or other heinous crimes.

I’m trying to help people found guilty of victimless crimes. If the northern california executives can plead guilty to manslaughter for 84 deaths, pay a fine and avoid prison, then sure as heck someone caught with a pound a cannabis should be able to pay a fine and avoid prison as well.

Now, it’s best to avoid court in the first place because they are suing their own franchise/LLC/person.

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2 comments on “Business entity pleads guilty to manslaughter, pays fine, does not go to jail. What can we learn?

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