AMA: Man in jail, yet judge charges him with failure to appear

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Question: I have a loved one in jail he was in jail on his court date judge didn’t pull him out and charged him with failure to appear that’s not right what can be done thanks so much


  • Most court cases are STATE OF ____ INC. against its franchises/persons. People mistakenly think they are summoned to the court, when in fact, it is a person/LLC/franchise that was summoned.
  • The letter is usually sent to the person/entity called JOHN SMITH. But John of the Smith family mistakenly thinks the letter was sent to him. He then shows up at court and unintentionally represents the corporate entity JOHN SMITH and agrees to be liable for the corporate entity should there be charges the entity must pay.
  • Some say the solution is to sent the summons/letter back to the court and say simply, “It ain’t me”. See examples here.
  • Should a man find himself in court, then the man must declare he is a man, that the flesh lives and the blood flows. He must write this on paper and give it to the clerk of the court. See video on this page.
  • The court case is against a person/LLC/franchise. Once the man states and declares he is a man, then how can the case proceed? Or if the case does proceed, it would seem to be easy to address after the fact. People have rights, but they must assert them. The courts/banks won’t do it for them.

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