AMA: how to get ur trust money from court

A reader asked: how to get ur trust money from court?

  1. If there is a trust with money, it likely has a nine-digit routing number, and that number is likely the (social) security number.
  2. I would request an accounting of all accounts under this routing number. I would request a full history.
  3. I presume one would write to the U.S. Treasury. Or maybe also write to Federal Reserve.
  4. State that thou is the owner or principal of the account and then demand a full accounting of the account since inception. This is a perfectly legitimate request for an account holder.
  5. They may ask which account at the routing number. As noted above, I would ask for a full accounting of all the accounts under that routing/banking number.
  6. I expect the nine-digit (social) security number was issued to the person/LLC.
  7. Thou mentioned the court. I have read that each court case is a trust. I don’t know what funds are there. I expect the court fund is able to withdraw from the (social) security fund when someone agrees/understands the charges at court/bank, then brazenly says ‘not guilty‘ which really means ‘not paying’. Just know banking is going on, not a criminal case. Therefore, the court fund may have funds if the man says not-guilty/not-paying. The question is who is the principal of that fund.
  8. Again I would try to just be a simple man and request a full accounting of the account in question.


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3 comments on “AMA: how to get ur trust money from court

  1. For Your Review:
    Is this how the world is really run
    By their EMPLOYEES and those they trusted to act in their … QUINCY ADAMS ESTATE is a trust, a legal fiction entity, a … NAMES of individual ESTATE trusts owned and operated by

    Anna Von Reitz
    By creating these accounts in the NAMES of individual ESTATE trusts owned and … of Puerto Rican trusts owned and operated … individual franchise ESTATE trusts” operated “in the

    Microsoft Word – FINAL JUDGMENT AND CIVIL ORDERS with Finalized Addendums.doc
    328 A trust is formed when a … before? The Global Estate Trust is over 400 years … one gigantic 357 interlocking trust directorate: the Global Estate Trust. The gentleness with which

  2. This Man heard it from another Man that: The NAME quoted in the court papers is the Trust, thou is the Beneficiary of the Trust, and the Judge is the Trustee ad litem/of the case. If thou claims to be the Beneficiary without claiming to be the NAME of the Trust thou can order the Judge/Trustee to pay the charges laid against the NAME followed by a full accounting. The Judge/Trustee will take thou into his/her Chambers/Office and ask something along these lines, “How many trusts do you see/How many trusts are there?” Thou responds, “I do not know the exact number, but I know that there are very a lot. All of them are mine, to the beginning.” The charges against the NAME will be discharged and thou should be able to have things set up so that whenever thou makes a purchase thou can draw against the balance of the trust of which thou is the beneficiary and the judge is the trustee.
    This Man is not certain that this is actually true. The Man Christopher-Robert from the area of land called “Texas” near the city named “Fort Worth” is more knowledgeable than this Man.

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