AMA: Natural man vs Straw Man

Someone asked:  Please give me information on natural man vs straw man

  1. The straw man is an LLC/person created when thy mom and dad requested a birth certificate.
  2. What they really did was request that an LLC be created, and the LLC name would be the joinder of thy given and last names, such as JANE SMITH.
  3. The birth certificate for that LLC/person did not exist until thy mom and dad requested it.
  4. The live birth certificate for the natural woman was created at the hospital. They don’t give it out normally because then people would logically wonder why they needed to request a birth certificate if the live birth certificate was created at the hospital.
  5. A hospital by me now refers to the live birth certificate as the ‘worksheet’. It’s a lot more valuable than a worksheet.
  6. Person means persona means LLC. A person is a persona. Get that point straight since this is the crux of one of their deceptions.
  7. thou is not a person. Thou is a woman. Don’t answer to the person.
  8. The person has a first (part of the) name and a last (part of the) name.
  9. Whereas a man or woman has a given name and a family name. They don’t get placed together. I am either King John or John of the Smith family or maybe John of Austin.
  10. All their statutes/statues apply to the person that they created, per thy request.

Without prejudice. All rights reserved. Not legal advice because I’m not part of the legal society.

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