USofA does not have national anthem because it’s a union, not a nation (state)

We don’t have a national anthem because we don’t have a nation (state). These 50 united States formed a union, not a nation. No nation, then no national anthem. Calling it a national anthem perpetuates the lie that USofA is a country or nation-state.

Now, for people in the territories, in a way, there ‘nation’ is the federal government. Maybe it’s the ‘national’ anthem for Guam and Puerto Rice, but not for Louisiana.

The Star Spangled Banner is an anthem for the union’s triumph over that other union called United Kingdom. The Star Spangled Banner is a union anthem or a confederation anthem.

While I normally fly my state’s flag, on Independence Day, it’s appropriate to fly the United States war flag, with the horizontal stripes, because that was the flag used in battle against the troops of the English ‘King’. Even better would be the flag for the 13 colonies. We should see more of that one when we celebrate our independence every 4th of July.

We got more than independence though. We got sovereignty over our lives. Meaning control over our lives. We were no longer subjects or serfs.

When people snidely ask if I’m a sovereign citizen, a phrase that does not make sense, I reply, “Is thou my king?” or “Who is thy king?” One is either sovereign or one is the subject of a king or lord. It’s either-or.

We are all kings with no subjects. Those who proceeded us used their sovereignty to created entities to protect that sovereignty and their natural rights to life, freedom, and earned property and land. Those entities are incorrectly called ‘governments’ since they don’t govern the people. They work for the people.

This must be stated and declared time and time again. Not just on the 4th.

Happy Independence Day!

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