For Puerto Ricans, United States is an occupying army. For state citizens, United States is almost irrelevant.

I was reminded of the different statuses of people in North America while reading about the two-tiered system of law in the West Bank of Israel. From this LA Times story, we learn:

Palestinians and Israelis in the West Bank live under a two-tiered legal [law] system that grants settlers special status and applies much of Israeli law to them, including the right to vote in Israeli elections and the ability to access certain public services. Palestinians live under Israeli military rule and do not enjoy the legal rights and protections afforded to settlers. (source)

Israelis have the right to one system of law. Whereas, Palestinians live under military rule.

Here in North America, state nationals/natives live under the state law and the constitution for USofA. Whereas, people in the territories, such as Puerto Rico and Guam, live under military rule. That’s why they fly the war-flag, meaning the stars with horizontal (rather than vertical) stripes.

Now, imagine if the Israeli government through their schools taught Israelis that they actually lived in a place called STATE OF ISRAEL (rather than Israel) and that they were some different kind of citizen with the same status as Palestinians. That would be diabolical, right? Well that’s what happened here in North America. All the hundreds of millions of people in the states, who are state nationals, have been taught to think and claim they are U.S. citizens, which is a lesser status, placing them under military rule of United States (in Congress Assembled).


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