We are NOT ‘members of the public’. And their codes only apply to the public.

The word deception applies to the phrase ‘member of the public‘.

Public means government as is public schools or public property.

Consequently, ‘the public’ refers to gov’t employees. Therefore, we are not members of ‘the public’. We are members of ‘the private’.

They apply this deception because their codes only apply to the public, meaning gov’t employees. But if their K-12 schools can teach us that public means everyone, while they apply the real meaning outside K-12, than the deception works.

People mistakenly say they are ‘members of the public’, and consequently they have just agreed to have the ‘codes’ applied by the policé/policy force that enforces the codes.

The municipal codes are just rules for the municipality (municipal corporation) and its employees. They have the ‘force of law’ but they are not law.

See this deceptive language from a news article about London:

“The Met and City of London Police are aware of an incident in which a member of the public appears to have remonstrated with Just Stop Oil protesters this morning, 19 May, in the City of London, before the arrival of police,” a spokesperson for London’s Metropolitan Police told the BBC following last week’s incident. (source)


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