There are two birth certificates. One for the live birth. One for the LLC. Much of the deception starts here!

There are two birth certificates:

  1. Certificate of Live Birth: for the baby(!) born(!) at the hospital. Usually says date and time baby was born (not birthed)
  2. Birth Certificate: for the LLC/Franchise/Person, and this one is created, upon request, days or weeks later

Note: Scroll down to learn how to order the right one, from the right source.

Image of the two different birth certificates

Pop Quiz: if the Certificate of Live Birth was completed and notarized at the hospital, why is the 2nd birth certificate needed?? And why doesn’t the hospital at least give a copy of the Certificate of Live Birth to the mom and dad?

Here’s why:

They want everyone to operate as an LLC created by the state, and therefore controlled by the state, and which must follow the policies of the state, enforced by the policé officers. The state and it’s municipal corporations cannot control the people (we’re sovereign), therefore it engages in shenanigans to fool people into living in a lower status, the person-status. This is an important point. This is the heart of the matter.

The 2nd birth certificate is similar to what one might get when starting an LLC within a state.

The 2nd Birth Certificate is for a person, not a people. Not a man or woman. A person is customarily defined as an ‘individual’ [vague!], corporation, LLC. or other entity. That last part is key. They list all types of persons, then end by stating they are all entities.

The 2nd Birth Certificate is for an artificial person. An LLC. A franchise of the state, which is created upon request.

I expect most people didn’t get the memo that person means persona/a mask, an entity for commerce.

The sample 2nd Birth Certificate below explicitly says it’s for a person. See the end of the only paragraph:

the 2nd birth certifate for the LLC. Note it says person.

Whereas this is Certificate of Live Birth. It was completed at the hospital. It has the date and time the baby (not person) was born live. Has the date and time or the live birth.

Certificate of Live Birth

If birth always meant a living being, then there would be no need to say “live birth”. But birth actually is the alternative spelling for berth (with an e), and berth relates to shipping and commerce (mer means sea in French). So berth/birth usually refers to inanimate ships, but with the event at the hospital, the officials are obligated to point out this birth was a live one.

How to get the first certificate

I’ve done this a few times, and once or twice got the short-form 2nd birth certificate because I chose the wrong source. 

  1. The first question about how one will use the birth certificate. The people at Red, Right & Blue specify the Apostile/Authentication option, but I don’t see that option for my state. I think the next best option would be for Genealogy purposes.
  2. Showing form with the Genealogy option selected. The form mentions there is a long-form and a short-form. We want the long-form.The second question or choice is paramount: “Select a birth certificate”
    • Click the drop-down and choose the State Vital Records or VitalChek itself. Don’t choose the county Vital Statistics. For me, the county sends out the person certificate. The state sends out the baby certificate.
    • I called VitalChek once and mentioned that I had received the wrong one. They said to select VitalChek or the state as the source because VitalChek only sends out the Certificate of Live Birth. States, I believe, hire VitalChek to send the certificates, whereas the counties receive the order from Vitalchek but send the LLC/Birth Certificate from their office.

Screenshot of the order form. Showing the step where one SELECTS a birth certificate. Displays drop-down and one should select the state or vitalchek option

  • A couple of days later I received three copies of the Certificate of Live Birth! 
  • Now I will send it to the State to get it authenticated.

In the video below, the hosts state that the key step is when the process ask for what will the certificate be sued To get the one for the baby, not the person, order the birth certificate via VitalChek

Two options:

  1. If one lives as the baby named on the certificate of live birth (shown below). Then one lives as a man or woman. The flesh lives and the blood flows.
  2. If one lives as the person named on the Birth Certificate, then one is simply an agent for an LLC (or similar) created by the state. On bank checks, thou is listed as an agent.

The 2nd birth certificate (shown above) creates an LLC or similar. Requesting the 2nd birth certificate is really just asking the state to create an LLC.

What is the name of the new LLC? Well the state just pairs the baby’s given name and the baby’s family name to arrive at the ‘full name’.

The mom and dad of bouncing baby John Henry of the Smith family request to have an LLC, and the state names it JOHN HENRY SMITH. (Whether it’s all caps or not, does not matter. What matters is that the names are placed together.)

The first part of the name is John. The last part of the name is Smith. The middle part of the name is Henry. As I explain with Mr. Burger King.

Don’t fall for it.

This Certificate of Live Birth, noted above, does use the phrases FIRST, MIDDLE, LAST, but I it’s still for the baby.

Most people don’t even have their Certificate of Live Birth. This is the document completed at the hospital stating a homo sapien was born live on the land of one of the states to a mom and dad, who may be state nationals. This is a big deal. But no one has this.

Instead, people have the “Birth Certificate“. Moms and dads are told to request the ‘Birth Certificate’ for their new baby.

Warning: it seems the state has moved the goal posts and will sometimes send a longer version of the 2nd birth certificate, the one for the LLC. This longer version still shows the ‘full name’ (pairing the given and family name). It does not list the mom and dad and does not separate out the names into the given name and the family name. This longer version is just another version of the LLC birth certificate. It the certificate does not say ‘live birth’, try again.

I have mistakenly ordered the 2nd one and the longer version of the 2nd one. I have also received the live one, hand-written, and the live one, typed out.

Live means living. People live. Persons merely exist. As ID-entity. Persons are file folders. People are men and women.

One must get the Certificate of Live Birth. The one, usually handwritten, completed at the hospital. The local hospitals by me are now calling it the worsheet, but when pressed, they will admit it’s the Certificate of Live Birth. They are tricky, and me welcomes the challenge!

The certificate of live birth is essential to show one is a state national.

If one uses the second birth certificate as one’s ID-entity, then one must follow the policies of the State. One must obey the policé officers who enforce policies that apply to their persons, not people.

Note that municipal codes usually talk about persons, not people. They are talking about the persons they created, upon request, and confirmed with the 2nd birth certificate.

Though I call it the 2nd birth certificate, the two birth certificates are entirely unrelated and different. One is for a baby being born. The other is for a person/LLC being birthed/berthed (like a ship, a citizen-ship). Don’t board!

This is important!

  1. Get the live certificate. Then get it authenticated.
  2. Don’t request the 2nd birth certificate.

There’s more

Even the Certificate of Live Birth presents another deception and snare.

  • They pretend the mom is indigent and single/maiden.
  • The baby is delivered/given-over to to the state. Becoming a ward of the state; placed in the Maternity Ward even though dad also present.
  • Then the baby is given to the mom and dad, who are then only guardians, due to the deception. The state can now take the baby at any time.



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