European Union creates two-letter regions like the fraud done by United States

As part of the deception to re-venue state nationals into federal jurisdiction, United States created two-letter regions that refer to the federal land within each of the states. VT is the federal land within Vermont. KS is the federal land within Kansas. Seems that European Union has done the same.

Italy is now IT. Ireland is now IR.

We’ve seen this movie before. IT is likely land within Italy but owned by European Union. Likely one or two pieces of land, so far. The land for their administrative building.

But if they can get Italians to start sending and receiving letters from a location within IT, then they have been re-venued into European Union jurisdiction.

See these tour dates for a band out of England. Was it that hard to write out Italy???

Tour date listing with Italy presented as IT and Ireland presented as IR.

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