Intel suspect to be tried in District of Massachusetts. Meaning the district, not the State.

The National Guard employee charged with stealing and distributing confidential documents will be charged in a place called District of Massachusetts. That’s the un-contiguous federal land within Massachusetts (the state).

In this video, the attorney general stated:

“he [the suspect] will have an initial appearance at the U.S. District court for the District of Massachusetts.” (source video)

Note, he didn’t say “U.S. District court for United States”. He also didn’t say the district court for Massachussetts, the state.

The federal/alliance administration operates within its land.

The federal/alliance government does not operate within the states.

The federal/alliance government operates on it’s own land and, more importantly, lots of other land they pretend is under federal jurisdiction. Imagine if French troops were conducting their affairs within Kansas? United States federal/state agents are more like the French troops than like thy local county sheriff.

The people won the revolutionary war and kicked out some man who though he was a king/god. The people didn’t then turn around and hand that new sovereignty to the administrators of state affairs. The whole concept is preposterous.

The people created state governments to secure their new freedom. Then the state governments and the people formed a military alliance called USofA to join in their common defense. But sovereignty remains with the people.

Even when the federal administration/government asserts jurisdiction and uses the word ‘state’ instead of ‘district’, their code will then define state as simply one of the territories controlled by United States. See 26 USC 7701 (10):

(10)  State. The term “State” shall be construed to include the District of Columbia, where such construction is necessary to carry out provisions of this title.

They use the word ‘state’ but it really just means District of Columbia. That statement above made more sense when it also covered the territories of Alaska and Hawaii. But when those territories became states, the federal administration merely striked Alaska and Hawaii from the 7701 (10). See: An odd part of the tax code and how Alaska and Texas were states before they were states

With all those United States war flags flying from homes, it’s not a strange assertion or claim that all land is federal land. All these homeowners claiming either allegiance to the federal/alliance government or that their home is under the jurisdiction of the federal/alliance administration. A flag on a ship states the law jurisdiction. Same with a home. Be careful which flag thou flys…


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