Upset about aliens getting driver’s license? Thou has it backwards.

People are upset that illegal aliens are getting driver’s licenses. They have it backwards. The only people who should need permission to travel by car are those who are not state nationals.

State nationals do need a license to travel by car. They need to get their language straight first. They can’t refer to traveling by car as (for-hire) driving. They can’t refer to their family in the car as (paying) ‘passengers’. They must have the MCO for their car. The car cannot be registered/owned by a DMV Inc.

But for everyone else, including illegal aliens, undocumented immigrants, some guy who just parachuted on to state land, they need permission to travel by car. They need to be tracked. They do not have an un-a-lien-able right to travel.

So the only thing state nationals should be upset about is that their friends who are state nationals are getting driver’s licenses and giving the MCO to the DMV, which provides a tag/plate to mark the DMV’s property.

Forget about the illegals. Stop going to the DMV. Get your MCO – the manufacturer’s certificate of origin. Read this page: Traveling versus driving — no license needed (video proof).

There’s even more to this because illegals are not driving (for hire). They are just traveling as well. Nonetheless, each state can monitor resident (aliens) and anyone who is not one of the people.

Read an article about this issue: Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz signs law allowing driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants – Axios Twin Cities.

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