Gun stores mistakenly get a license, making them liable for the associated policies

Similar to the driver’s license trap, it seems gun store owners are making a similar mistake. They think they need a license to trade guns. But by getting the license, only then are they required to follow the myriad of federal laws.

In a recent news article pertaining to the federal territories, this sentence may reveal the scheme:

The plan calls on Attorney General Merrick Garland to shore up the rules for federally licensed gun dealers so they know they are required to do background checks as part of the license.

I’m not sure if this wording comes directly from the ‘executive order’, but note the ending clause “as part of the license.” This implies the background checks are not required for those who did not apply for the license.

It’s important to emphasize the context:

  • the executive order is directed to federal staff and possibly the people in federal territories, not the people of the states, who sit above the federal/contract administration
  • Licenses may be required of resident (aliens) residing (meaning not domiciled) on one of the 50 states.

This executive order is all smoke and mirrors, not only for state citizens, but for federal citizens as well.

The president’s order does not change U.S. government policy but directs federal agencies to ensure compliance with existing laws and procedures — a typical feature of executive orders issued by presidents when they confront the limits of their own power to act without cooperation from Congress.

Even if the order did charge government policy, it would not change laws, and as a state citizen who does not work for the federal government, the policy does not apply to me.

See source article.

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