Airstrip not air-port

Far from the cities, especially the coastal cities, we can learn the right way to speak. For example, during this move set in a rural area, the character differentiates between an air-port and an air-strip. We need to stop referring to travel areas as air-ports if we’re not there for the port. If we’re not there for commerce.

Man one: “What airport would you use?”

Man two: “Airport or airstrip?”

Man in overalls stands by old truck. Captions show the man is saying "airstrip or airport"

When I need to get on an airplane, I’m (usually) not boarding for commerce. I’m just traveling. Therefore, I don’t need special inspections of my luggage and I don’t need a pass-port (aka portpasse).

I do note that the film character implies that an airstrip is smaller than an airport. Nonetheless, a large airstrip by a major city is not only a port. There is the cargo area for the port operations. The terminals for the people are not about com-mer-ce for the people.

There may be rules that could be applied to the air travel companies carrying the travelers, but that has nothing to do with me. I’m not trans-port-ing goods! Now will thou please step aside good man so I may continue to travel?

Their regulations may apply to people engaged in commerce, but that’s not me.

However, I may have to declare in writing and orally that I’m traveling and not trans-port-ing goods and definitely not traffic-ing goods.

Since they often come at us from many vectors, they may also apply their regulations to resident (aliens) and federal citizens (aka citizens). Therefore, one must also declare one is one of the people of one of the 50 states.

See thee at the air-strip!

See the movie clip here, but be fore-warned, this film and this clip are disturbing – YouTube link.

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