Signature-card of bank tries to Shanghai me into U.S. jurisdiction

The bank signature-card–to provide a signature when opening an account–can place one into the U.S. jurisdiction. The form prominently assumes ‘U.S. citizen’ or other ‘U.S. Person’ status.

Only in de-emphasized print, below the U.S. citizen area, is there a note for non-resident alien depositors (that’s me!) must complete the W-8 form and not make the above declarations.

The teller was pressuring me to sign the form, which would have shanghai’d me into the U.S. jurisdiction, making my money susceptible to confiscation.

It’s not clear why there are citizenship declarations on a bank signature form. Not all banks do this. The one from Schwab only focuses on the signature.

Here’s the portion of the suspicious form that has status questions:

portion of bank signature card showing the declarations of a U.S. citizen but also the alternative option for non-resident alien depositor

Also see my post that neither a social security number nor a taxpayer identification number is needed by law to open a bank account – read more. Yet even if one does not provide an SSN or TIN, one can get tricked by this signature-card form.

United States, meaning either the government or its municipal corporation, will use W2s, 1099s and bank accounts to prove thou is under its jurisdiction.

Note, people autograph papers. Persons (provide a) sign. See rules of autographing on Living in the Private.


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