Local bank confirms security number not required. The social security number or any other security number.

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A local bank confirmed a security number is not required for a bank account; meaning the ‘social’ security number or any other security number.

But rather than just walk in and bring a print-out of the gov’t website stating a security number is not required, I sent a link to the gov’t page, Can I get a checking account without a social security number? 

Here is the banker’s reply:

“This information is correct. We like to have that information but it s not mandatory, so you are completely right.”

The bank is trying to ensure I am who I say I am. They will accept another gov’t ID and likely will use the number on that ID. See this statement from the gov’t website:

If you don’t have a U.S. government-issued SSN or ITIN, some banks and credit unions will accept a passport number and country of issuance, an alien identification card number, or other government-issued ID number.

Bankers and other people don’t want to get fired. They don’t want to break the code. They stand firm based on their knowledge of the code.

It’s my responsibility to bring them the facts that support my request. They can then save and possibly use those facts to cover themselves in case anyone asks. And what better proof than a page from a federal/contract gov’t website?

Why would someone avoid the ‘social’ security number?

If my bank account is in the name of the person/LLC (created by the 2nd birth certificate):

  • then it may be under the jurisdiction of the gov’t or its municipal corporation (UNITED STATES).
  • Then also under the jurisdiction of their internal dept – Internal Re-venue Service
  • And possibly the under the jurisdiction of the state-level municipal corporations, such as STATE OF NORTH DAKOTA, etc.

For this reason, I want my bank account under my given name and family name.

Using the driver’s license number is not ideal, but it’s better than the [social] security number. At least the driver’s license has my given name, not the first name.

Granted one may say any ID-entity number implies commerce, but I think they’re using “ID” simply to mean a unique number that differentiates me from others.

Thinking about this further, a bank could likely use the number from a certified and apostilled (or authenticated) Certificate of Live Birth.

Lastly, I don’t want to use the port-pass because I don’t want to use anything with the word ‘port’ as that is blatantly commerce (mer means sea in French; didn’t thou know they’re speaking french to us?)

Here is a screenshot of the banking page:

screenshot of banking page

What’s to be done?

  • Find a bank that does not require the ‘social’ security number. See if they will accept the number on thy certificate of live birth (from the hospital). Otherwise maybe use the driver’s license number.
  • Or ask thy current bank to delete the ‘social’ security number and replace it with one of the numbers discussed above.
  • If one has dealt with the same bank for years, one might ask to completely delete the ‘social’ security number, and replace it with nothing. They already know thou is not a crook; maybe a unique number is no longer needed.

No pixie dust

Oh, one more thing, don’t store thy wealth in federal reserve units/dollars. Store wealth anything else – stocks, precious metals, commodities futures, etc. There are lots of choices. Just pretend Federal Reserve pixie dust does not exist, and see what ideas this leads to.

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2 comments on “Local bank confirms security number not required. The social security number or any other security number.

  1. Banks do not care about what you show them regarding the SS requirements for opening an
    account. I have contacted multiple banks in my area and there are none that will let
    you open an account without an SS number. Give me one example of a bank that will
    let you open an account without an SS number. Maybe they are ignorant of the law, but
    simple put, they do not care!!!

    1. (1) The entire reason for this post is precisely because a local bank said they DO NOT require a security number to open a bank account. It was only after I shared the gov’t website, which explicitly states a security number is not needed, that the bank manager said his bank does not, in fact, require a security number. (2) Yes, it does matter if one shares reputable policies such as those listed on federal websites. If I’m the one customer out of 100,000 customers who requests to use a number different from a securyt number, than the onus is on me to produce documentation supporting this approach.

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