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From Red Right & Blue on Rumble.


Private Registration in the House of Flintstone; Custodia Legis. 

Declaration by Affidavit 

of Ownership and Administration 

       RE: Live Birth Document– XX State File Number ##########

US Department of State File Number ########## 

State of XXXXXXXXXX   Authentication Dated: Xxxxxxx ##, ####; 

US Department of State: Xxxxxxx ##, ####; 

I, Fred-Bedrock of the House of Flintstone, the undersigned owner/affiant, declare that the  attached document is a true and correct copy of the authenticated certificate of title which I  own/administrate, in the form of an official Certificate of Birth, which I have accepted and  acknowledged through this Declaration by Affidavit of Ownership and Administration. I, Fred-Bedrock of the House of Flintstone, affirm that I have exercised my natural power of self determination and free agency by pure covenant being a holder in due course and having  attained the age of the majority at a date 18 years after the date of my birth. I am familiar with  the facts recited and furthermore state that the entity named in said certificate of title, FRED BEDROCK FLINSTONE, a legal fiction arising out of Civil law, has been reorganized with new  administrative powers, and whose character is now administrated by an ecclesiastical  administrator, House of Flintstone, who follows the will of the administration, entered a pure  trust agreement for all rights of Title, Interest, and Use with Almighty God, a foreign Testator  who controls the interest of the Private Trust for the benefit of God’s Kingdom.  

Fred-Bedrock of the House of Flintstone is now Executor/Administrator who keeps and holds the  associated estate/agency with indefeasible title, interest, and use. Furthermore I, Fred-Bedrock of the House of Flintstone voluntarily covenant to serve as agent to the ecclesiastical trust  created in A.D. 33 for the benefit of God’s Kingdom.  

As an adopted Son/daughter of God, by Immersion (Baptism), my statements are of authority  and truth. (James 5:12, John 1:12-14, Romans 8:14-17, 1 John 3:1-5) 

I, Fred-Bedrock of the House of Flintstone, declare and affirm that the above Declaration by  Affidavit of Ownership and Administration is true and correct to the best of my knowledge,  understanding, and belief. 

Executed this ________day of ______________________________, anno Domini 20___   

 Autograph: _______________________________________ 


:Fred-Bedrock; .Flintstone:  

without the United States  in

non-representative capacity

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