Proof: Letter sent with four cents postage

The letter below proves that Washington (state) is not part of United States. It was sent with just four cents of postage (two two-cent stamps) and clearly marked as non-domestic (to U.S.) and without United States.

Photo of letter send to Washington from another state with only four cents postage


Some points:

  1. Washington is a nation-state.
  2. The USofA is an alliance or union of 50 nation-states.
  3. U.S. is the entity that manages the administrative affairs of USofA and the territories.
  4. Domestic, with respect to U.S., means Puerto Rico, DC, etc.

Learn more about the postage rules and how it helped Kris of the Kringles. We sent the letter above to a donor from Buy Me a Coffee.


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2 comments on “Proof: Letter sent with four cents postage

  1. hey guys,

    first of all thx for all the work! i am a german and i am researching all about the situation with gov and law in the USA. i am married to an american woman and we have a wonderfull son. i am traveling back and forth between berlin and montana. so please could you explain how all this comes down on me if i use the same methods in dealing with cops in the usa. do i as a tourist have to ID to a cop? can they demand it from me even i didnt do anything wrong? i dont know if you guys know but germany is in a very special situation. as far as i know our country, wich is the german empire (not the third rich, is sleeping right now and the frg (BRD=Bundes Republic Deutschland) =Ferderal Republic of Germany is not even a country but a non gov organization. we are still occupied by the allied forces und the leadership of the USA. i would like to know more about the special constalation in my case, if there even is one.

      1. I would say the union/federal agencies do not have jurisdiction if thou is on state land. I don’t expect union/federal agents can ask thou for ID-entity. They are operating under the presumption that all state land is federal territory, but since that misconception is rampant, one may have to rebut it.
      2. The state peace officers may be able to ask thou for papers since thou is not a state national. I would presume they would have to prove they thought thou was not a state national. A suspicion of crime may not be necessary, which is the case with state nationals.
      3. I’m not surprised Germany is not really a nation-state, but instead a collection of nation-states. Each state likely has nationals, just like Florida or Ohio. There are more nation-states than we are led to believe!
      4. Is thou trying to be naturalized as a Montanan?

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