Four of the ways we are deceived: baby abandoned, create an LLC, federal citizen, and resident

Amongst the many ways we are deceived, I am highlighting four of them, though there are more. I’m doing this because I see people focusing on the LLC Person, which is important, but there are other deceptions and trying to apply the LLC scam to all of them will be incorrect and exasperating. Different scams are applied in different ways. For example, the driver’s license scam is based on falsely claiming one is a resident.

I added this slide to the ten-slide handout/overview, which I bring to meetups or other gatherings.

Diagram showing four columns with one column for each scam. I have also pasted the text on the page below.

  1. Ward of the state: Baby abandoned at hospitality center and becomes ward of the state. Mom and dad become foster parents. CPS can take back foster child anytime. Learn more.
  2. Birthed LLC: Mom and Dad request ‘birth certificate’ which creates LLC with baby’s names. LLC is JOHN SMITH, where as baby is John of the Smiths. That LLC may be controlled by gov’t. Baby grows up and mistakenly does all business and finance under that LLC name.
  3. Federal Citizen: People mistakenly think they are federal citizens. Most people are state nationals, of their respective state. If one claims to be a U.S./federal Citizen, then one is subject to federal statutes. Learn more.
  4. Resident Agent: People taught they are residents. Resident is short for resident agent. ‘Resident’ and ‘citizen’ are offices of federal gov’t and/or US Inc. Residents need license to drive. People have freedom to travel. Learn more

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One comment on “Four of the ways we are deceived: baby abandoned, create an LLC, federal citizen, and resident

  1. Long ago, uncovered an ancient attorning scheme by money-mongers to use religion and jurisdictional Staples via Stile-gates to deceive via social role models most historically are socially engineered to prepare all for voluntary slavery none ‘normal’ can discern.

    So, if you want to be free, first you must be ‘normal.’ Then, live by ‘Normal Law.”

    All other laws (Common [land] Law or Law-Merchant/Maritime Law) is in suzerainty to “Normal Law.” Creation exists because of “Normal Law.” Any who seek else-wise, faces oblivion!

    The Triple Tiara or 3 Crowns of popery institutionalized commercial religion or corporate states currently recognize only One man as “Normal” upon which all other life must be subjected to, that are beguiled into believing such pettifoggery.

    Again, the 3 Crowns:

    1st & highest Law: Normal Law (dominion by divine providence and imbued honor for honor)

    2nd Law in Suzerainty to “Normal Law”: Common Law (of the land)

    3rd & in Suzerainty to “Normal Law”: Maritime Law (Merchant)

    For those good people of united America wishing to live honor for honor via variation by agreement, it is ‘Normal Law” that serves every Joint Tenant in the Sovereignty of Creation. It is this “normalcy in-law” that all walks of life seeking good will, honor for honor via Nature’s Law & Nature’s (Creator/Creative) Science of Right Reason, are soundly anchored and peacefully landmarked for all seeking safe harbor.

    Be wise, safe & blessed.

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