Diagram: USA can’t control people, so they created corporations and taught us to answer for them

The diagram below illustrates how they create an LLC to deceive people into not asserting their unalienable rights. Scroll down for an explanation.

Diagram showing USA as a box that tries to control the people but is blocked by their unalienable rights. So united states in congress assembled creates corporations to deceive people into giving up control

The people created United States of America. That alliance is managed by United States, in Congress Assembled. Congress has limited powers, enumerated in the constitution.

So they created a corporation called UNITED STATES and for each of the 50 states, they created a corporation, such as STATE OF OHIO.

Lastly, they convinced people to request a birth certificate for their baby, and this births an LLC, that must follow codes and statutes.

And they convinced people that the man and the LLC are one in the same. It’s called impersonation and possibly barratry. It’s been going on in different ways for centuries.

The solution is to stop using that LLC and never request one in the first place.


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