Red Right & Blue YouTubers – Authenticate the Long Form Birth Certificate

Wanted to make everyone aware of the YouTubers Red Right & Blue who cover topics such as authenticating the Certificate of Live Birth, at the state and federal level, and the steps after to “leave Babylon.”

See two of their videos below. I’d say this genre has reached a turning point with these two homemakers on opposite coasts explaining the many of the schemes taught to use in the K-12 system.

In their affidavit, I have some suggestions:

  • Don’t use the word ‘lord’ as that could be the lord of land, making thou a serf
  • Don’t use the word ‘house’ since houses are places of business, such as House of Gucci. Thou lives within a home, not a house.
  • I wouldn’t use any word that ends in ‘ship’ as that is maritime.
  • I might not use the word ‘document’ as that may be a financial term. And it could be ‘dock-ument’. I might just call it a ‘declaration’.
  • I might use the full unsworn declaration placing me under the United States of America.

New to the site?

  1. Review these slides
  2. Read this, 
  3. review this diagram of US vs USofA,
  4. read these six PDFs,
  5. watch Richard McDonald's seminar intro
  6. learn to speak like a simple man
  7. If this site ever goes down, the archive is on the wayback machine.

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