Using non-domestic letters to establish domicile. A miracle on thy street. Kris of the Kringles did it this way.

One way to prove domicile without/outside of federal jurisdiction may be to send oneself a letter or postcard using my non-domestic letter method.

The letter would be sent to thee but would specifically state ‘without United States‘ and ‘non-domestic‘.

If federal agents arrive at thy doorstep, thou could show the letter and state, “Well doesn’t this letter show that me lives without United States? This is not federal territory, is it?”

That’s what Santa did in this clip from a famous film. Kris of the Kringles was being tried for mental illness for his belief that he is Santa Claus. A brilliant postal worker and Kris’ lawyer joined together to allow the USPS deliver thousands of letters to him at the court house. The judge said:

“Since the United States government declares this man to be Santa Claus, this court will not dispute it. Case dismissed.”

Here’s the clip from the film:

Here’s the full point of the lawyer:

“Every one of these letters is addressed to Santa Claus. The post office has delivered them. Therefore the post office department, a branch of the federal government, recognizes this man, Kris Kringle, to be the one and only Santa Claus.”

Thou just has to prove domicile without United States. Much easier task that proving one is Santa Claus.

The postcard also proves thou lives within one of the states, which is actually a nation-state.

We follow many rules though:

  • No zip code
  • Spell out the states
  • Spell out all words
  • Send from the post office, the slot in the wall
  • and more

In the video below, a popular lawyer/YouTuber supports the film’s idea of using a federal government decision as court evidence:

When people buy me a coffee, I offer to send out the postcard below and a letter as gifts.

Photo of back of postcard: "Hold on to this card to prove thou lives without United States but within a state of the union, The United States of America. Trade, not commerce. People, not persons. Not federal."

front of postcard. Two two-cent stamps. 'Non domestic' and 'Without United States' by the stamps and below the city and state area. otherwise blank. this is a template


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5 comments on “Using non-domestic letters to establish domicile. A miracle on thy street. Kris of the Kringles did it this way.

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  2. Great stuff! I’ve been using non-domestic; non-commercial; w/o the US for years; particularly, on packages and large boxes. THEY don’t ask anything. I also use ONLY stamps and refuse their machine-generated stickers on ANYTHING because I already have stamps. The employees, all over the US postal service know there is a difference!! Thank you for such a great presentation! GOD bless U! Happy New Year, 2023!!

  3. One more thing: we studied with Richard McDonald in the mid-90’s at his private home! He was an amazing man!! 🙂

  4. Basically you are stealing from the USPS. Just wondering why they charge people for service if according to your stupid theory things are free?

    1. (1) Who are ‘you’? One man wrote the content above. Not many men. “You” is always plural. (2) Where is there any stealing? Is it not hard to miss that people are simply following the laws? And that the laws have not been updated in god knows how long? People are sending letters, not ‘mail’ or via the ‘mails of United States’. There is a special, higher rate to use the ‘mails of United States’. I have no use for the ‘mails’ of UNITED STATES of United States in congress assembled. I send letters non-domestic. (3) Could it be that either no one is managing the actual federal government and instead all the codes and statutes passed are for the municipal corporation created by the federal government in the late 1800s? It’s like someone created a company, then died, yet the company lives on because it’s profitable! Send a four-cent postage letter non-domestic without united states and let thy eyes open.

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