There are state citizens and federal citizens. Don’t say US citizen.

There are state citizens (of the 50 states) and there are federal citizens (in the territories). Don’t say the phrase U.S. citizen because it is intentionally confusing and almost ambiguous.

Question: “Am you a U.S. Citizen?”

Answer: “I am a state citizen of ________”

As shrewd debaters do, don’t accept their premise. Answer the question the way it should have been asked.

I thought of this as I tried to explain how an immigrant was mis-directed into the federal system to become a federal citizen. They said she was becoming a ‘U.S. Citizen” but did not tell her the difference between state and federal. She thought she was getting the priceless gift of living in a civilization where people have un-a-lien-able rights. What she got was “privliges and immunities,” as explained in the 14th amendment:

No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States. (source)

She was directed into a United States territory when she was trying to immigrate to one of the 50 states.

She asked how can I be sovereign? I answered on buy-me-a-coffee:

My impression is that thou is sovereign because thou did not travel all the way from Russia to be citizen of a US territory. Thou arrived at on of the 50 states and went through the process to become a citizen, of a state, not Puerto Rico or another territory.

Richard MacDonald said that they used offer state or United State citizenship, and supposedly people became convinced to choose U.S. citizen-ship, so UNITED STATES stopped offering the state option. But we know that’s what thou wanted.

I expect thou must send an affidavit to the Sec of State of United States to explain thy view of what is the truth and rebut their presumption that thou wanted to be federal citizen.

I expect there are people who want to be federal citizens and some people who can only be federal citizens, so United States does need to help them. But that’s no thee.

Thou is not alone. United States pulls this fraud on people born on the land of the 50 states. They assume everyone is a federal (U.S.) citizen, and no one knows to rebut this presumption. So I don’t think thy situation is much different from everyone else learning this knowledge.

I like to keep in mind that United States manages the territories, so its staff assumes people are from the territories. Just like the French government assumes people walking in one of their buildings is French.

Circling back to my main point, this immigrant came here to be a citizen of one of the 50 states, meaning a state citizen. Instead UNITED STATES mis-directed or is incorrectly claiming she is a federal citizen. Most importantly, they have convinced her to call herself a U.S. federal citizen! Brainwashed!

We are state citizens. The people of Puerto Rico are federal U.S. citizens. Puerto Rico should have become a state at point, the 51st state, because the Northwest Ordinance explains that territories become states once they reach a population threshold.

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